Author: Remy Boucher

Traveling Nurses Are Filling The Staffing Demand

There are thousands of registered nurses who travel around the country working in different hospitals and health care facilities. A report states that the demand for nurses has reached its highest level since the mid-1990s. The Affordable Care Act is responsible for the rise of the hospital’s demand for nurses and other health care personnel. Staffing services have estimated the demand for nurses to increase this year an additional 10%. Imagine 40 travel nurses covering three hospitals alone; 4000 nurses have been employed overall. The biggest reason for hospitals turning towards traveling nurses is seasonal demand. Nurses usually spend a couple of days getting oriented; they also need to be licensed in each state they practice. In 2008, when the economy collapsed it was difficult for traveling nurses to find jobs as it was with anyone else practically, nowadays it’s back to full swing.

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Another report suggests that the demand for nurses will increase by at least 18% between 2011 and 2018. Even though all nurses are in demand, staffing services have notes the following demand based on specialty are – ICU- Neonatal- Dialysis – Operating Room- Telemetry- Labor and Delivery- Emergency Room. Nurses also revealed that they leave their full-time positions to work as travelers. They enjoy the flexibility, and if the burnout is high, then they can rest for a while before continuing with work. Neonatal nurses with level 2 or level 3 experience are in most demand; it is also important to note that ICU nurses are “particularly easy to place”, and nurses with considerable telemetry experience are also in high demand. Government agencies such as the VA, are open to hiring traveling nurses to fill demand.

The demand keeps growing for nurses with dialysis experience as does with labor and delivery nurses. Staffing services can send traveling nurses where they are needed, their assignments usually last for about 13 weeks. Housing is often provided along with some travel costs. The most frequent reason hospitals hire traveling nurses are the following:

  • Filling a position between full-time hires.
  • Providing additional support during busy seasons.
  • Covering for current hospital nursing staff.

Often traveling nurses work in specialized nursing fields where burn-out and turnover are high, in these particular situations, traveling nursing agencies can fill these positions more quickly than hospitals. Staffing services hiring traveling nurses are in demand because large hospitals don’t need to pay for benefits such as health insurance, paid days off, and retirement.

A study reveals that the patient satisfaction scores are not negatively affected by traveling nurses. The study was published in the Journal of Nursing Administration.Some hospitals tend to overuse visiting nurses; you need to find the right mix of travel and permanent staff. The demand for nurses has never been higher; it will only keep increasing, at least until 2018.